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9 Year Well Checks

Caden and Caleb had their 9 year old well checks at the doctor's office this morning. 

Caleb weighed in at 52 pounds and 54 inches.  For the weight/height combined percentiles, he's dropped off the charts.  He's tall and skinny for sure.  Doc said he wasn't really concerned about it, just make sure we feed him well and they'll check again next year. 

Caden weighed in at 62 pounds and 55 inches.  He's in the top quarter percentile for his height. 

Ironically their temerature came in at excactly the same.  Twins share things sometimes!

They're well though and no shots needed, so they were happy!

I treated them to Burger King breakfast aftewards on the way back to school.  They were only 20 mintues late for school too, so win! 

I had fun being out with just them even if it was a short time for a doctor's visit! 
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