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Mother's Day 2015

This past weekend was Mother's Day.  We were fortuante that Grandma Barb came into town Friday afternoon and stayed the weekend with us.  She watched the kids for Keith and I to go out Friday night to the Reverse Raffle.  It was the first time we'd been out together without some of the kids since Ruth was born. 

Saturday we all went to Caden's soccer game, then we took both Grandma's out to lunch at Longhorn following the game.  The meal was good, but Elinore was having a rough day.  She'd been sick the week before, and Grandma kept her up late the night before.  The soccer game was during her nap time, it was hot and she was crabby!

After lunch my mom heading out, and the rest of us went to the local outlet mall to do some shopping.  Grandma Barb needed some new tennis shoes, so we bought her a couple new pair of shoes for Mother's Day.  I had my mom sent flowers that morning at work. 

We were at the mall for quite some time doing some shopping.  The boys got to use some gift cards they had gotten for their birthday the week before.  They were thrilled and we now have a Repeat Pete talking parrot and some new Wii Star Wars video games in the house.  Elinore got some new shoes, and I a new blazer and pants!  Caden got new tennis shoes too. 

On the way home we grabbed some DQ treats for supper and headed home to relax and get ready for bed. 

Sunday Grandma Barb headed home and we went to church as a family.  Before church, Keith gave me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet for Mother's Day and Caden gave me a nicely decorated picture frame he made a 4H for me.  Once, Elinore saw that she ran to her room and got a picture frame off her shelf with a photo of her and I in it.  She brought it to me and said here, I made this for you at school!  It was seriously super sweet, even though she didn't make it or go to school, she wanted something special like her brother had for mom!

After church we relaxed and ate for awhile before heading to my parents house to celebrate mother's day with pizza and my dad and brother.  We finished evening with Guerne ice cream, delicious!

A couple days later, Caden told me to look on top of the fridge for another picture frame Caleb made.  I told him Caleb could do with it what he wanted since it was still his.  Then Caleb grabbed it and tossed it to me as an after thought.  He also made me a picture frame at 4H.  Now I want them to take pictures with me to put in the frames! 
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