Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zoo, Vacation Day 7

We spent out last day in the city at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.  When we were talking with folks about our upcoming trip, many people recommended the zoo.  I then assumed that it was going to be awesome.  I would say it wasn't that awesome.  Keith and I both agreed we were just as happy with Cleveland.  There were only two things we liked better.  There were 4 cheetahs out and there were many gorillas, including a baby gorilla.  That was really neat.   Otherwise it was unimpressive.  We finished there much earlier than I had expected.

Which left us some time to go to IKEA!  I'd never been, but wanted to try it out.  Keith went along with us and we checked it out.  While the only thing we purchased was an umbrella, we're glad we went.  We have some great ideas for our bathroom remodel and saw some things we really liked!  We've talked ourselves into the remodeling it on our own to save money and we found some super small sink and vanity sets there that we really liked!  Inspiration found!

We grabbed some supper at Red Lobster before heading back to the hotel.

At the hotel the kids had been wanting to walk Keith through the fountain under the convention center, so we did that before heading back for a final swim of vacation.

The swim was short, Elinore threw up in the water after getting too much water in.  I got her back to the room quickly while Keith took the walk of shame out of the fitness center after having to tell them about it. 

Then it was time to relax together and get packed up for the journey home, with stops along the way, tomorrow. 
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