Thursday, August 07, 2014

Random Things from Vacation

As if trying to drive the streets of Pittsburgh wasn't a difficult enough task on its own, Elinore has decided she doesn't like sitting at red lights.  As we sit at red lights, she sits in the back seat and says "ready! ready! ready!"  Awesome.

The first two or three days we spent in Pittsburgh, the weather app I use on my phone registered two Pittsburgh locations and constantly showed me two snapshot weather reports of Pittsburgh.  They never matched either.  In fact, at one point there was a 5-6 degree difference.  There was also a difference in the rain and storm factor during Sunday's thunderstorm.  One said light showers (it was clearly a downpour) and the other said severe storm warning.

We relax in the mornings getting ready and eating cereal in the hotel room.  As we do that we turn on PBS cartoons.  While the kids enjoy them, Elinore doesn't understand why when Daniel Tiger comes on he goes away so quickly after the commercial.  She gets excited every time, and then he disappears.

We spend our nights getting ready for bed and such in the hotel with Full House!  I'm a big Full House fan, so that's awesome.  I do have to say though, I feel kind of old now that it is on Nick at Night.  I thought that was for old shows!

It's only about half way through the week, but so far we've been enjoying more time with Keith than we thought we would, so that's awesome!  We have some time coming up with friends still too, which is nice to do when we're in (or close to) their town!

The kids eat more cereal for breakfast than I realized.  Monday morning they collectively ate an entire box of cereal!   I don't think we have enough for the week and we'll be stopping at a store again!

Elevators to Elinore is numbers.  Every time we go to the elevator, she says "numbers!"

To pack to come for the week, each of the kids and I had a duffel bag and a another bag for goodies in the car of the diaper bag in my case.  Plus I had the computer.  Keith on the other hand, had 3 bookbags and a computer bag, and he's added 2 new bags to his pile since we've been here!
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