Thursday, August 28, 2014

Clothes on!

Keith normally doesn't sleep in much more than his boxers.  I've never thought it was that unusual and no one is the house is bothered by it, until Elinore that is. 

When Elinore gets up in the mornings Keith or I go and get her.  If it's me, she usually asks "Daddy here?"  and after a quick diaper change we'll go find him sleeping in bed.  Sometimes she'll tickle him or play or snuggle with him and sometimes she just wants breakfast.  Either way, as soon as he's getting our of bed she insists "clothes on!" 

If Keith goes to get her, sometimes he'll humor her and put shirt on first, but then she wants to know where his pants are!  More often he goes without a shirt and she insists on "clothes on!"
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