Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Natural History Museum & Eats, Vacation Day 2

Sunday, day 2 of vacation, was another day with Keith!  We did have to check him into his conference during the afternoon, but we did get the whole day with him, which was nice.  We started with a lazy morning in our hotel while a nice thunderstorm raged outside!  We left in the storm, stopped at a CVS for some groceries for the week, and then drove around to park to eat at Pamela's.  We were fortunate enough to be able to meet a good friend of mine from college who happened to be in town the same time we were for a wedding!  It was awesome to catch up and meet her boyfriend and spend breakfast together.  I haven't seen her in about 5 and a half years, so it was great. 

Getting there and parked was an adventure for Keith and his driving.  The one way roads here and the parking is crazy to navigate for us.  We almost turned in a bus lane going the wrong way for cars, and Caleb, being so smart in the back seat goes "Dad, you're not a bus!"

Brunch was delicious though.  Then we parted ways and we headed to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  Keith is really interested in that kind of thing, and it's one of the things he wanted to be able to do while we were there, so we did!  We'd been there probably less than a half hour though when the fire alarms went off and we had to evacuate the museum.  We spent 20-30 minutes outside before we could go back in.  We did see a fire truck come to check things out though too.

Caleb had been wanting to see where the Steeler's play.  So afterwards I drove us down there to see the stadium and what was around the area.  Keith isn't so thrilled he's so interested in the Steeler's!  His first grade teacher was from Pittsburgh and was a fan which started his interest.

Then we headed back to the hotel to register Keith for his conference.  After that we headed to Primanti Brothers for sandwiches.  It was an Pittsburgh experience and was fine, but Keith and I both said we probably wouldn't go back. 

Then we headed back to the hotel for the kids to swim.  The boys had been wanting to swim since we left our house, so swim we did.  Elinore loved it for a half hour, jumping and jumping and jumping.  She's a daredevil when it comes to it, which scares mom!  After that she wanted her towel and she wanted to go!  The boys stayed for another half hour after Elinore and I left, which gave us a chance to shower up first.  once everyone was in dry clothes and the kids were showered, we headed out to try to get some ice cream.  We missed Ben & Jerry's by 20 minutes.  So we ordered dessert to go from the restaurant in our hotel and enjoyed it in our hotel with Full House playing on the TV.  It was a nice relaxing way to end our Sunday with an earlier bedtime for all! 
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