Friday, August 01, 2014

Hold you!

The other night Elinore and I went to Target to grab the boys school supplies and a swimsuit for me for vacation.  She's not a big fan of riding in the carts anymore, but she's also not a reliable walker to stick with you.  I usually have her ride for awhile, and she does okay as long as you're moving, but once you start stopping, she's not a fan!  After awhile she'd had enough of it in the cart and wanted held, so she would ask me "hold you? Hold you?!" 

How adorable is that?  You hold me?  Hehe, funny.  But you're so sweet!  She's been asking more now too. 

After that, I let her walk around with me as we were finishing up.  By walk, I mean she runs, and I try to keep up.  Mostly she does a lot of running back and forth from one point to another without making a lot of forward progress!  However, if you move to the tile floor from the carpeted clothing section at Target, she's not a fan.  She wouldn't walk on the tile, but she would run until she was content on that carpet!

As we were getting ready to check out she decided walking on the tile was okay if she help my hand or helped push the cart.  She'd hold onto the platform on the bottom of shopping carts and push while I pushed up above.  She moved quickly with it too!  On our way out of the store this way, she was attracting other people's attention as they smiled and said how cute as she pushed away!
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