Saturday, August 09, 2014

Friends & Duck Tour, Vacation Day 5

Today was a much less planned day.  I didn't have a plan for the day other than to meet up with some friends and family in the area.  We spent the morning swimming in the hotel pool.  One of Keith's co-worker's family is here too, and we ran into his wife and kids at the pool for a little bit too.  The kids got a little wild at other kids they knew being around. 

Then we cleaned up and headed to meet Kristin for lunch.  We went to a pizza buffet for lunch before taking them down the street to an elementary school playground for some kids play time.  The boys weren't too interested in it though and Elinore was tired.  We were there until it started sprinkling and then we headed back to the car. 

Then I had to figure out something else for us to do before we headed to meet cousin Jared for dinner.  The kids have been wanting to take the Just Ducky Tour here, so I thought maybe this would be a good chance to go get tickets for it.  Driving there though was a little rough.  I have had good experiences driving so far surprisingly, then it changed this trip! I got a finger and a honk.  The honk I needed to get moving because I couldn't tell what color the light was.  The finger, I'm not certain why, maybe because I didn't let them change lanes?  I also took a wrong turn, crossed a bridge and ended up on the wrong side of the river.  Turning around is not so simple here either, so that was an experience!

We did arrive at the Just Ducky tours though.  After checking the times for the tours, we ended up getting tickets for the 4:00 tour that started in just 45 minutes.  So we found some restrooms, put the stroller back in the van and reported to our spots for the tour since we were supposed to check in early!  It was warm and sweaty waiting in line. 

The tour itself was pretty great though!  I love the corny jokes of course.  And I don't mind the random facts and information about the city either.  Elinore was very good at sitting on the tour, but the jokes were too much for her and she fell asleep by the time we arrived back! 

After the tour, we headed out to the Mall at Robinson and met Jared for dinner at Smokey Bones.  The kids were all wild and loud, so we headed out shortly after we ate, but it was good to see him and see more of the city area. 

Then we headed back to the room to relax for the night and wait on Daddy to get back from the Pirates game!

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