Saturday, August 16, 2014


I was a little nervous heading into this year's vacation for the kids and I to Pittsburgh.  I thought it was going to be exhausting and tiring and hard work.  I didn't come back from Boston refreshed.  I mean we had a great time and I'm so glad we were able to experience that city, but it was tiring.  In part because Elinore wasn't sleeping well at all while we were there. 

I was so anxious about it Keith and I talked that if it was hard and tiring and wasn't going well, that I could drive home early and go back and pick him up the end of the week since it was just Pittsburgh and so close to home.

I was so relieved that this wasn't the case at all! 

Elinore slept well.  We didn't stay up late because we were sleeping in the same room as the kids, so when they went to sleep, we did too.  Because it was only 2 hours from home I didn't feel the pressure to cram everything in during the week, we could always come back.  Although I don't think we will, we kind of ran out of things to do actually.  It was just a much more relaxed feel.

I think some of that is due to the fact that Elinore is 2 now, and we were toting a non-walking one year old everywhere!

I've been home a week from vacation and feel refreshed and energized again.  I started working out again, and I don't feel like I'm months behind on housework.  It really is awesome.  I think it may be in part due to the fact that I don't have graduate school looming over my head anymore too.  :)  Yay! 
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