Friday, December 09, 2011

I thought I should follow up on Our Engagement Story

Camerin was still living with us at the time and was home sick the Friday before.  Keith had stayed home with him, but apparently by the afternoon was feeling better, so Keith ventured to the jewelry store with him to toe to purchase a ring. 

He felt pressured to make sure it happened that weekend so Camerin wouldn't spoil his surprise. 

Weeks before he'd spent an afternoon with my dad asking for his permission.  He wasn't able to be sly in pulling this one off since someone had to watch the kids!  I spent the day at the apartment with the kids while he was gone for almost 5 hours! 

Of course I couldn't call him while he was there, and I was certainly starting to get concerned knowing what was going on, but apparently my dad just had lots of questions about the kids and the situation and everything.

Nine and a half months later we were married!

And what engagement post would be complete with a photo of the ring?

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