Monday, December 12, 2011


With a few phone calls from my Dad on Saturday, Keith and I could tell he was planning something. 

However, my Dad is not a person known for full disclosure, or many words most of the time. 

So after plenty of guessing on our parts, Sunday morning we called Dad to see what the plan really was.  After all if I was expected to be going somewhere, I needed time to prepare (read: take a shower). 

All Keith could get out of him was, we'll be there at noon, be ready to go.  We'll be having lunch, but give the kids a snack, and we're taking your van. 

Mom and Dad show up, we load up, and off we go with Dad at the wheel and two boys asking where we're going.  In typical fashion of my Dad, his answers were, "turning left here," or "following this white car in front of us."

Next thing we know, Dad's pulling up the the Carousel

They were excited, even if their faces don't show it!

It took a few trips to get them on an up and down character!

Caleb, Grandma and Caden - They liked the Zebra and Ostrich characters! 

Caleb, Grandpa and Caden - Why not try the sleigh too!

After many rides, fun, and a visit to see Santa, everyone was hungry. 

Not the best Santa I've ever seen!
I have more photos on our real camera, these came from my phone, but who knows where the cord is for the real camera?

We rounded out the afternoon with a late lunch/early supper at O'Charley's before the kids fell asleep on our drive home. 

Grandpa surprises us that way sometimes. 
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