Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Our Engagement Story

Three years ago today, my husband proposed.

While we had been talking about our future and had even looked a rings a time or two, he still surprised me with the proposal.

The day started out smoothly while we were off to church with my mom for worship, followed by a church carry-in dinner and carol sing following.  Growing up, I loved the annual carol sing where the congregation gathered together to sing everyone's favorite Christmas songs, and I was sure our kids would love it too.

Unfortunately shortly into the sing, Keith got a call that his grandmother wasn't doing very well and he rushed out to head to the hospital.  I stayed behind to get an extra car for my mom and make sure we had someone to watch the kids.  Once the responsibilities were taken care of, I headed out to meet him.

After our time at the hospital, we spent the afternoon, again, shopping for rings.  I kept telling him we didn't have to do it today, after all we hadn't had the most cheerful afternoon, but he was adamant. 

This was the longest time we'd spent looking together, but he was being very indecisive about what he liked.  I had been fairly set on a few particular things, but he was being so indecisive I even brocaded my desires to give him more options. 

After what had to be well over an hour, we headed out with nothing with plans of grabbing dinner somewhere together while my mom and dad continued watching the kids for awhile. 

We were in separate cars, and I found it odd that he kept following me to the one I was driving, I mean we're just going across the street to eat.  I had the car door open and was ready to crawl in, after all, it was a cold, dark, snowy winter evening. 

But instead, he asks me, "what would you do if I asked you to marry me now?"

*blank stare*

Followed by my response of: "we're in a parking lot..."


"I'd say yes, but we're in a parking lot!"

Then, he got down on one knee, and proposed.
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