Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who needs sleep?

Caden doesn't think he does.

Caden has recently gone through a phase of thinking that he doesn't need to sleep. 

This means he stay awake hours after bed time.  Sometimes sitting quitely allowing his brother to sleep, but more often repeatedly getting out of bed and running around the room, turning on lights and opening doors. 

Then once he does got to sleep, it doesn't always last.  He would come into our room anywhere between 3 and 6 times a night. 

In the mornings he'd tell us about what he saw while wondering the house at night.  And once, I caught him sneaking candy in the middle of the night. 

Three o'clock one morning, Caden came in for the third or fourth time that night and announces "I have something to say."

Keith and I mumbled some response that clearly indicated we had no intention of getting up at this hour. 

His great statement: "I'm not going back to bed."

At this point, I responded: "That's nice, you Daddy and I are, see you in the morning."

He stopped off back to his bedroom again. 

I checked on him an hour later and while he was in bed, he was still wide awake.

I have no idea how much sleep he actually got, but it couldn't have been much.

I think we're finally getting things turned around, or he is at least waking us up less!
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