Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 11 Day 3 Update

Thoughts on this 11 week 3 days pregnant mama's mind:

  • Last I checked I'd lost 9 pounds; this makes me nervous.
  • I'm stressing about getting enough and the right foods, and it's exhausting.  
  • I'm exhausted in general.  Staying awake until 9 PM is rare and getting up by 7 is a challenge.  Staying awake through the work day is also hard.
  • I got sick for the first time this week.  All over the living room floor before I could get to the bathroom.  Thank heavens for an understanding husband who took care of it.
  • I'm anxious about our plans for telling everyone at Christmas.  I'm just ready for that to be done.
  • I'm already thinking ahead to our next appointment in 15 days.  Hoping everything goes well.  I also need to speak up, I tend to be shy and quiet, and I think I should probably share more. 
  • I may be anxious about telling our families, but I'm terribly excited to tell the boys and get them involved and excited!  I know they'll be excited!
  • Calling Amy over the weekend and talking about things gave me some peace of mind.  It's wonderful how a friend can shed some light and make you feel a little less alone!
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