Friday, February 13, 2015

Speak Love

I just finished this book this morning.  It was gifted to me this Christmas from my Amazon wishlist.  It was a super awesome book.  The book is intended for pre-teen and teenage girls, but I found most of it to be relevant to me as well.  Certainly I could remember some of the topics discussed from my times as a teenager, and I'm surprised to say how much relates to my current life too.  The first part of the book was especially moving for me. 

The book caused me to reflect, think and change the way I use my words.  It had me thinking about myself, my kids and my husband and everyone else I interact with.  It got me into my Bible reading and writing in my makeshift journal through each chapter of the book.  I even made a few posts to my Facebook, which I rarely do, because I saw how it could be valuable to share. 

Another thing I started doing because of this book was writing out Bible verses on index cards and posting them in various places in my house.  I have a few sitting on my kitchen windowsill, one on my bedroom mirror, etc. 

Next up I'm going to dig into Annie Downs' other book, Let's All Be Brave. 
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