Monday, February 02, 2015

Over the last week, I've been working to get Elinore a big girl bed.  About a week and a half ago, she, Ruth and I went to buy a new mattress.  Caleb got the new mattress and Elinore got the mattress he'd been using, because we had the box springs that go with it stored in the basement.  I rearranged her room to accommodate it and the crib.  I took he shopping for new sheets.  She played on the bed and got excited about it. 

After the Super Bowl Party we went to last night, we came home and she went to sleep in her big girl bed.  It was late and she was tired, so she stayed in bed and slept well!  I checked on her when I got up about 6:30 this morning and she was curled up sleeping soundly.  Then just before 7:30 I heard the thud and her immediate crying. 

I ran in to get her and we snuggled on her bed as she bawled.  We came out to the couch and it was clear pretty quickly she was hurting.  She wasn't just crying from being scared.  I cuddled her, gave her some Tylenol and called Daddy.  We snuggled some more, and she continued to have ouchies and cry, so we called Daddy again; he came home to the ER we headed. 

Elinore has a broken collarbone.  :(

As long as she's not moving too much she's content.  She got a donut after her hospital visit.  Ruth still makes her smile.  She loves being a big sister!  She's camped on the couch watching Daniel Tiger today. 

Doctor says she'll be back to normal in 3 weeks and no further treatment should be needed.  We follow up with her pediatrician at the end of the week. 
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