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Over the long weekend, we sat down as a family and watched my favorite childhood movie, Pollyanna.

I remember renting this VHS from the local video store numerous times during my childhood, until my mom finally broke down and bought the VHS for me. 

I haven't seen the movie in years, but a few weeks ago we watched Swiss Family Robinson and I recognized the youngest son as the boy from Pollyanna, and the itch to show this movie to my kids and husband started. 

I remember a lot of things about the movie that happened, but I looked at it differently now as a Christian adult.  This movie has a seriously powerful message in it. 

This town is fully of unhappy people and the town is run by a single lady, who's incredibly opinionated and close  minded.  Then her niece, Pollyanna, comes to live with her after her parents die.  Pollyanna brings the glad game with her; the games is coming up with something to be glad about regardless of the situation.  She runs all over town sharing her happiness and visiting with people, and eventually the whole town changes into a happy place.  She charms the town.

It's a reminder that you never know how far your smile will go when you are out and how powerful your kind words are. 

"It's your hears, not the dictionary, that gives meaning to your words."  Matthew 12:34 (The Message)
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