Tuesday, February 03, 2015

21 Day Fix - Complete

About 3 weeks ago I wrote about starting the 21 Day Fix.  Sunday, I finished it.  I didn't miss a single workout.  The workouts definitely got better as I progressed through and I have my favorites and  ones I dislike for sure! 

I don't have a great estimation of what it did for my weight.  After part way through the first week, I checked in at 170, which is 2 lbs. higher than where I started.  Then my scale died.  And I don't mean needed new batteries died, I mean was dead.  So I bought a new one.  This one is mechanical, so no batteries needed!  It may not be as exact, but it's close, and weight isn't something I want to obsess over, so that is a good fit for me.  So finishing the program on that scale I'm coming in about 164-165, which means I probably did loose a few pounds during the program.  The scale doesn't really bother me too much, it's more my pants fitting again, and we're not there yet.

I do feel like the workouts are helping though, I didn't measure inches, and probably won't, but I think there would be some results there is some places.  I hope anyway! 

I've always felt better when I've  been working out, and this was no exception there.  I like the short 30 minute session and I love the clock countdown on the screen!  The Dirty 30 and Upper Fix are probably my two favorite workouts.  Although I do like the Pilates too.  Cardio stinks, and Mondays, or Total Body Cardio, is rough.  Mondays are tough though I think more from a mental standpoint for me.  I struggle mentally through this one every time. 

Well, to avoid having to buy new pants before I go back to work again, or an attempt anyway, yesterday I started the program again.  This will take me up until the week I go back to work.  At that point I'll decide what to do next. 

I'm still not following the eating plan, and I certainly have room for improvement there.  The first week and a half I did well at improving my eating at least, but it slumped again the last half.  I'll keep trying here.  I'm so hungry though with breastfeeding, so if I have baked goods in the house, I'm doomed.  Currently there is a cake Caden made, cookie brownie's he made, cookies my mom made, and a couple donuts left from the trip to the bakery after the ER for Elinore yesterday.  So there is certainly a will power challenge here.  So far today, I'm failing it.  I can turn that around any moment though! 

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