Monday, September 08, 2014


There were presents for Elinore's birthday too!

Caden and Caleb each picked something out in advance of her birthday and we orded them online.  The came and say hidden in boxes for awhile before we wrapped them the week of her birthday.  We found some plain blue paper in the closet, wrapped them and the boys along with the girls from next door went to town decorating them with stickers for Elinore!

Caleb gave Elinore a gas pump to go with her little tikes care she plays without outside.  Although mostly the playing with it is coloring it with sidewalk chalk!
Caden gave her a toy garden set that goes with her barn and doll house you can see in the background of some of the photos.
Mommy and Daddy gave her a doll baby stroller to push her babies around in, which she loved too.  Grape Jelly's already going for a ride in the last photo!
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