Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not Working

Over the last few months as Elinore leads, we've been introducing her to the concept of the potty and being a big girl using the potty.  She gets the concept and on more than one occasion will go pee pee in the pottty.  On one occasion she pooped in the potty my mom claims, but Keith or I have yet to see it happen! 

I've been trying to do a better job to encourage her more and ask her more often if she needs to use the big girl potty.  She cheers when she does go, but sometimes she doesn't.  In the cases where she doesn't she tells us "not working!"  Pee pee "not working!"  You can tell she's tried, but generally her diaper is already wet, so there really isn't much of an opportunity anyway. 

She's a smart cookie, she knows when she's going.  She's even started asking for her diaper to be changed sometimes.  We can definately tell when she's pooping, and she'll tell you too sometimes.  But if I ask her to poop in the potty, no way!  Sometimes she doesn't want you to see her pooping either.  In fact once in a restuarant she was pooping in the booth next to me wouldn't push me away if I looked at her. 
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