Thursday, September 11, 2014

End of Summer Fun

The boys started second grade on a Wednesday, so I took the Monday and Tuesday before that off to enjoy our last few days of summer.  We didn't do anything spectacular, but we spent Monday at home hanging out and Tuesday I took them out for lunch.  They picked the Green Leaf to eat. 

Then we stopped to see Grandma at work.

Then I suprirsed them with a stop at Putt 'N Stuff for a round of mini-golf.  The had been asking to play off and on over the summer, so I thought that would be a nice way to wrap up the summer, plus I had a coupon! 

I didn't anticpate how swelteringly hot it was going to be though!  Phew! 

We played Caden and Caleb style instead of trying to play for real.  They like to just down their own thing, cheat like crazy and have fun, so due to Elinore running around, the heat and me being the only adult, we played their way and had just as much fun anyway, maybe more.  Who need to know how to play mini-golf the right way anyway?

Checking out the fishies under the bridge.

Elinore's turn!

She wanted her ball to sit still on the mat to hit like it did for her brothers, but it kept rolling away because she couldn't let go enough to stand up and hit it.  Everytime it rolled, she'd shout NO! and try again until I stepped in to help. 

Where'd the ball go?

By the way, we're not very good golfers.  Caleb is searching for his ball in the weeds on a mini-golf course.
As seen in that last photo, we're not the best golfers.  We started with 4 balls, and picked up a stray ball on the course early on, yet when we returned to the station to turn our things in, we only had 2 balls left.  Some how we lost 3 balls! 

After the golf we were all very sweaty and hot, so I decided a trip to the frozen yogurt place would be a great way to wrap up the afternoon out!  And there certainly weren't any complaints from the kids there! 

We met Daddy up at home then and spent the evening outside in the shade with the kids.  We had a campfire and roasted peaches for dessert!
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