Saturday, September 20, 2014

Morning Bus Routine

We have a new routine in the mornings for the bus this year.  The bus now comes from the other direction to our house, which means we can't watch for it from the family room anymore.  Before we could stand at the sliding door and watch for it to come down the street, but that is no more!  In fact, you can't see the bus coming at all from inside our house.  So we have to stand outside and wait now.  Because we live so close to the school, it's also hard to tell which bus coming down the street is going to make the turn onto our street since most of the buses go past our house!  So as long as we can stand to wait outside with the weather, and as long as I can continue to get up on time, we'll be waiting outside for the bus. 

One day the first week of school or so we watched 6 buses go by our house, but none were ours.  After waiting 10-15 minutes I took them to school and saw two more buses head past our house.  Turns out, ours was just very late and I passed it coming out of our neighborhood on the way back out of the school.  That means at least 9 buses went past our house!

As a kid I remember listening to hear the bus coming and head outside; we clearly can't do that here since SO MANY go by out house! 

We're about 2 weeks into school though and it is motivation to make sure we're out the door ON TIME.  (We have a new bus driver too, so I don't know how forgiving he is on time!)  I don't mind hanging in the driveway with the kids anyway.  It's kind of nice really.  Elinore especially likes the time running around and loves waving goodbye to her brothers!  I think her brothers like it too.  They may not be overwhelmingly excited about my goodbye hugs, especially Caleb, but they both willingly hug their sister goodbye!

If I don't catch Elinore and get her into the car quick enough after the bus goes, we'll wave the second time the bus goes by our house too on the way to the school!  Usually she's running way from me when it's time to buckle in, and I'm not so speedy on the catch with her being so little and fast!  My bending down is slowing as my stomach expands!
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