Monday, September 15, 2014

Bedtime Routine

Our current bed time routine isn't always routine, but more often than not follows the pattern.  We usually start with getting the boys in bed, which some nights I think takes a good 20 minutes!  I go in and talk to them for a little bit, we pray together and I kiss them goodnight.  Caleb get just close enough I can give him a little peck before he scurries away in his bed.  Caden gets ready to give you a big hug and kiss back.  Elinore tells them goodnight and sometimes she just terrorizes their room or somewhere else in the house while this is happening.

Then it's off to put Elinore in bed.  New diaper and jammies for her followed by a drink of milk and rocky-ing.  She usually decides who's going to rocky her first, mommy or daddy.  Daddy will rocky and sing her a song he's made up from an old song he once knew that he sings about her now.  Then she insists on another rocky from mommy.  (Although sometimes it's in reverse order.  I think she decides based on what is going to keep her out of bed longer!)  Mommy will rocky and we say prayer together.  Then we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and sometimes Jesus Loves Me too.  Then it's into bed, turn on the babies and get the two blankets just right before we're out the door with night nights, Jesus loves you, and I love yous. 
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