Thursday, September 25, 2014

Candy Theif

Earlier this month, one stormy evening the boys were playing Minecraft and Elinore was running around before bedtime, I decided to try a new candy recipie I'd found.  It was simple enough, just some mixing, kneeding and rolling.  I decided to make peppermint candies, and was rolling them at the kitchen counter before pressing them with the fork on a cutting board on the kitchen table. 

I quickly learned Elinore could too easily reach the kitchen table and moved them to the counter. 

There I quickly learned she could reach the counter now too!  So I moved them to the top of some jars of spagetti sauce I'd canned and moved them back away from the edge on those. 

Elinore, she's smart.  She went and got the step stool and could still reach them!  So we headed off to bed, and while I was saying prayer with the boys, she ran out to the kitchen again to steal more!

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