Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Midnight Alarms

We have an alarm clock in the boys room.  We use it to tell time of course, but nothing else.  It's always turned off.

Apparently one day the kids decided they'd explore it and play with it, without us knowing.

It isn't uncommon in my house for me to go to sleep before my husband.  I was sleeping soundly by 10.

Just after midnight, I hear a radio blaring.  My husband is no where to be found, and by no where to be found, I mean he wasn't in bed.  Let's face it, I was a groggy mess and I wasn't actually going to look for him. 

So after listening for a minute or two, I decided I should probably figure out where the heck that music was coming from!

I starting stumbling around the house listening, and fianlly track it down to the boys room. 

Wouldn't you know they're both sound asleep with a radio blaring at maximum volume from their bedroom!?

I fumble around, turn it off.  Curse my husband for not being upstairs to fix this.

I do not get up in the middle of the night.  That is my husbands job.  Something better be seriously wrong for me to get up.

The kids know this.  If they pee the bed, or some other strange middle of the night occurrence.  It's ALL Daddy.

But if they want to get up in the morning, they know it's all Mommy.  Daddy is not a morning person!
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