Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last night at dinner, while one of my friends was dinning with us, Caleb asked if people kissed tongues.

Keith and I were immediately answering "NO!" We explained appropriate kissing and not appropriate kissing. They already know they are not allowed to kids at daycare.

Sidenote: I dislike that were at a place in time where we have to exchange that to preschoolers!

Caleb continued his questions about tongue kissing.

Tongues! Where did he get this idea? I'm freaking out in my had while Keith keeps answering his questions.

Finally the questions slow, and by this time Keith has figured out I'm concerned. He goes on to explain that Caleb may have gotten the idea from him.


Apparently the day before Caleb had bit his tongue our something and asked Keith to kiss it. Keith didn't do it and explained we don't kiss tongues, which led to the questions.

Caleb has been overly fascinated with making site one of us kisses every little boo boo he has lately, so it was no surprise he asked Keith to kiss his tongue in the first place!

Kids really do day the darndest things!

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