Monday, March 14, 2011

When the babysitter calls...

Back in January, we'd hired a baby sitter we'd used on occasion to watch the kids for the husband and I to go out to dinner with friends. 

I happen to work with the babysitters mother.

We're eating out having sushi and hibachi and having a good time with friends.  On our way home we decide to make a stop at Target for a snack for relaxing at our place after dinner.  As we leave the store to head home, the babysitter calls. 

Immediate nervousness sets in.  The babysitter usually just texts, why is she calling??

I quickly found out why.

The boys flooded the bathroom by overflowing the toilet.

In her panic, she called her mom, my co-worker who lives less than 2 miles away to help her.

The rest of the drive my, with our friends in the backseat, my husband and I were in nervous/embarrassed mode.  My co-work is in my house, cleaning my flooded bathroom from a toilet that overflowed for a reason yet to be discovered.  I can tell you one thing, that is not a good feeling!

Upon our arrival home, we hustle into the house to find my co-worker standing there with a bucket and plunger in her hands and having it nearly all cleaned up.  I must say I have some pretty awesome co-workers!

The bad news, the flushed so many times and over flowed it so much the water leaked all the way out of the bathroom so we had wet carpet outside the bathroom.  It also leaked through the floor into the basement. 

Not exactly how you like to end a night out with your husband and friends.

It made for a good story at work Monday morning that's for sure, and it only cost me a slight amount of embarrassment!
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