Monday, March 07, 2011

Hockey Stick

I am a big Charlie Brown fan.

Although, after watching them again with my children, I'm not so certain I want my children watching Charlie Brown.

Caleb always interrupts the movie, he's a chronic talker during movies.  Caden is a seriously focused movie watcher and doesn't miss a beat of the movie.

For instance after watching It's Christmastime Again Charlie Brown this past Christmas, Caden walked around for a month or more saying "Hockey stick! Did I just say hockey stick!?"

Wikipedia says:
The children participates in a Christmas play, where Marcie plays The Virgin Mary, Franklin gets the role of Gabriel, Peppermint Patty reluctantly plays a sheep, and Sally, who has to say the line "Hark!" in the same play to summon a herald angel, inadvertently says "Hockey stick!". Later, Harold (herald) Angel drops by to visit Charlie Brown, looking for Sally.

A friendly reminder, when you're out and about and your child is saying hockey stick, hockey stick, hockey stick, people do not immediately correlate that with Charlie Brown.
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