Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Parenting Class: Week 12

This was our final week!  We've all received certificates of successful completion!  We've come away a little wiser as parents, and grateful for our abilities and families.

We talked about logical consequences.  This was actually just a review of a topic we covered last week, that I didn't blog about.  The concept is nearly as simple as it sounds.  The consequence is a direct correlation to the action that occured.  For example, you break a chair, you don't sit on the chair anymore.

We also touched on the subject to teaching problem solving, mostly for older children.  Their reccomendation was to "scaffold" or to talk your child through the process of promlem solving in different situations when they're calm.

There was also a graduation and small celebration for Dinosaur school.  The kids all showed us what they'd learned in dinosaur school throughout the program.  There were some great lessons for the children on learning how to control their emotions.  Those items were things like a "shield" that reflected bad words and kept nice words, your "ignoring muscle" for when another person is bothering you, and a "turtle shell" to "hide" in when you're angry.  They also learned ways to calm themselves down by counting to ten or taking deep breaths. 
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