Sunday, December 19, 2010

Have you ever seen someone fall into a toilet?

Caden likes to protest nap time on the weekends.  He used to knock on his bedroom door to be let our.  The first few times I'd go tuck him back in, but it would just continue.  I started ignoring it, then he'd get he idea and go to sleep. 

He's moved on to a new method.

Peeing and/or pooping his pants.  I never expected to have to tell my child "peeing and pooping in your pants does not get you out of nap time!"

I went in to check on them this afternoon to find Caden standing there awkwardly saying he pooped.  We got him all cleaned up, clean clothes, and back into bed.

I went back to baking in the kitchen, and about 2 minutes later I hear him in the bathroom again.  He says he has to go potty...again.  I insisted he get to the toilet and go now then.  So he spun around quickly, tripped over the step stool and fell into the toilet.  The lid and seat were up, and his arms were in the toilet bowl.  As water is splashing about and getting all over his clean clothes, I could do nothing but roll on the floor in laughter.

Have you ever seen someone fall into a toilet?? 

It is hilarious.  Disgusting, but hilarious. 

The really disgusting part, the next thing I saw was him biting his nails.  (I really wish we could break that habit!)

In the process, he peed his pants...again.

I couldn't help but laugh.
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