Monday, December 27, 2010

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa, this is Caden ******.  I wanted to see how you're doing and let you know how good I've been this year.  I also wanted to let you know what I want for Christmas this year.  Please see the list of things I want for Christmas below:
  • Christmas shoes with sticks on them
  • Princess shoes
  • My family to be with me
  • Wand
  • Santa hat
  • Santa beard
  • Christmas lights to light up on me 
Thank you Santa for bringing good boys and girls presents on Jesus' birthday.


Dear Santa,

I like Rudolph.  I like dog.  I like stockings.  I like pizza with pepperoni.  I like Chuck E. Cheese.  That's it Santa.

This is Caleb ****** and I be good this year.  Thank you for bringing me toys on Jesus' birthday.


**My husband helped write the letters.  I edited as I typed them up to share.
***My heart melted when Caden requested his family to be with him for Christmas.
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