Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jingle & Mingle Morning

Today was Jingle & Mingle with Santa at the company my husband and I work for.  We choose to bring the boys in for the morning session for breakfast and fun.  Wouldn't you know I left my camera at home today? 

Luckily my co-worker and friend Kristin saved the day and let us borrow hers!

However, I will have to wait for her to get the photos sent to us before I can share.

We ate breakfast, we decorated ornaments, we made magnets, and more importantly we saw Santa!  The boys gave Santa their carefully crafted letters with the help of Daddy.  (I plan to share their letters another day; I hope.)

Caleb asked Santa for a rocket ship for Christmas.

Caden asked Santa for pricess shoes for Christmas.

They saw mommy and daddy's co-workers; then it was time to go back to day care with their new stuffed teddy bears from Santa. 

As I walk the boys back out to our van to drive to the day care, Caleb is asking questions. 

Caleb: Mommy, those people, they know your name?

Me: Yes.

Caleb: Oh.  They call you Beth?

Me: Yes.

Caleb: Oh.  How come they don't call you Mommy?

I explained that they had their own mommy and that I was only Caden and Caleb's mommy.  Just for them.

But really, I chuckled to myself and felt very, very loved.
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