Tuesday, March 03, 2015


I finished reading Leisureville - Adventures in a World Without Children today by Andrew D. Blechman.  I had the book in my wishlist and it was given to me for Christmas, so I dug into it.  It was a good read and very insightful into the community I didn't know I had any interest in.  I'm still not sure I'm interested in it, but it did make me think a little about business, community, lifestyles and my faith. 

The book took a different path and thoughts than the books I've been reading lately, and I missed the more faith based reading I've been doing, but I kept with it and often thought about how the lifestyle and communities built in this book don't fit at all with what I believe about life and how I want to live my life as a Christian. 

The book chronicles the age segregated communities and their lifestyles.  It also focuses on the political and societal impact these communities have.  While their age segregated worlds may be wonderful for them, I wasn't crazy about the conecpt and the implications they have on the community, school, governments, etc. 
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