Friday, March 27, 2015

Bedtime Routine

I wrote about our old bedtime routines, but now we have a new one to write about!

Lately I've been reading a poem from our Don't Mess with Moses book every night to the boys.  We say our prayers, give them hugs and kisses and then it's off to put Elinroe to bed. 

When she moved into her big girl bed, she abandond the rocking and signging in favor of books in bed. I miss the rocking, but glad we have a new routine to snuggle and read. We get our clean diaper and jammies on; she picks out her books and we lay down in her bed with her sippy of milk to read and pray.  We read two books.  The second book is ALWAYS Knock, Knock! Who's there at Christmas?  The first book rotates through a few, but the second one is always the same.  

Once stories are done we pray.  I've started asking her what she wants to pray about, and sometimes she'll have ideas and things and other times she won't.  But we always say a short prayer, call Daddy in to tell her goodnight too and Ruth too.  (She usually tells the boys goodnight while we're reading their poem.)  Then we kid, take the milk away, and we're off to dreamland.

Well sometimes dreamland takes awhile.  We still have the baby monitor in her room to hear her, and she babbles on for awhile sometimes.  Because we have a two way monitor and we can respond if we choose, sometimes she asks us questions for her "machine" to talk to us. 

Then it's off to get final chores done and Ruth down to bed too.  This whole process takes probably 45 mintues everynight.  Assuming we're at a reasonable amount of questions and excuses for getting out of bed after bedtime for the night!

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