Friday, March 27, 2015

Man Cereal

Last weekend, Elinore work up.  I went in to get her and she immediately asked for breakfast.  I asked what she wanted, she's usually fairly picky about what she wants to eat.  She wanted man cereal in her best deep growling voice. 

"WHAT?" I said.

"I want man ceral!" she said again.

I chucked and asked what man cereal was.  It helps you play or something crazy like that she said.  Still not knowing what man ceral is; I changed her diaper and carried her into Keith, who was still in bed and asked him what man cereal was.  I though as a man he might have an answer for me.  He laughs; has no idea and rolls back over.

So we headed to the kitchen.  I pulled out the ceral boxes and asked which one she wanted.  She picked Fruity Pebbles.  Why?  Becuase there's a man, Fred Flinstone, on the box.

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