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One Thousand Gifts

After I finished reading Carry On, Warrior, I decided my next book would be One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I ordered it on Amazon one day at work, and with it came the first chapter free via Kindle, so I started reading it on the Kindle app on my phone that day, and didn't want to stop.  Next thing I knew, I was cancelling by actual book order and ordering it on my Kindle app on my phone.  I gave myself a headache that first day reading the first 60 pages of the book no my cell phone! 

However, just after Christmas I did finish the book, and it was a good read.  I did occasionally get lost in the overly poetic flowery language.  I certainly can't write to that level or description, but she does it well.  I probably could have gotten the point though in less words, but maybe that was part of her point of the book, that we are to be thankful for the small things and to notice them we must describe them well. 

My favorite chapter of the book, chapter 7, was focused on an interaction she had with some of her boys and it meant a lot to me in my own parenting of our 4 kids.  I highlighted my way through this book too finding things to be so useful.

The key points I took from this book were to be thankful in all circumstances, which i already knew from the scripture, but she gave a new perspective on it that was helpful.  The second thing I took away into practice, again, I knew this, but she helped me understand it better, is that each of us are created by God and if we see them that way too, we become more Christ like in our actions and words with others. 

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