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Christmas Eve 2014

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  I was so grateful to have had everything shopped for and wrapped long before thanksgiving was here, except for a few loose ends.  It made the month more relaxing and let us enjoy the transition to a family of 6 with Ruth's arrival!

As usual, we spent Christmas Eve afternoon at my parents house with both of them, my brother and his girlfriend. 

We had sandwiches for a meal this year since everyone but me had to work that morning!  Keith made cream chicken and mom made bbq beef.  We had deviled eggs, macaroni salad, party potatoes, vegetables and pie to go with it.  We ate together and conversation was good.  We talked about poultry houses for a large portion of the meal as my brother had just been to a farm with a few, and I work with them at work for insurance purposes.  We wrapped up the meal and cleaned up and headed to the couches for gift opening time!  The kids tore through theirs first, but us adults waited and opened ours.  At my family's Christmas we take turns so everyone can see who gets what gift and who it came from.  I like it that way, I was raised that way, and I think it helps us appreciate more and better enjoy our time with family.  The boys got Minecraft books they've been wanting for some time and the each got a Zoomer from Carly, they're super excited about them!  My big gift was a new dehumidifier for our basement, and Keith got a giant wreath to hang on our front porch next year.  He's been wanting one for a couple years now.  We gave my mom Lennox china this year to match her set.  And we collectively went together to get my Dad a new plotter for the office. 

After we finished our family gathering, we headed to our church for our Christmas Eve service.  This is one of my favorite services of the year.  The sanctuary is beautiful, it's dark, there's candle light, and it's a very moving experience.  This year, Keith, Ruth and I played Joseph, Mary and Jesus.  It consisted of us sitting in the front of the sanctuary during the candlelight part of the service while everyone sang Silent Night.  It was a great experience.

Although, Elinore wasn't a fan of us being up front away from her.  She was crying and carrying on for my mom.  So much so that one of the ladies next to us up front in the choir, who also happens to be one of Elinore's favorite people, when a got her to come sit with her. 

Then we headed home to put out cookies and milk for Santa and rest up for the next day!
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