Saturday, January 10, 2015

Are they really married?

So as the financial secretary at church, twice a year I print out reports and provide to the entire congregation.  I often end up mailing them out since I can't catch everyone at the church and some don't attend regularly, so I always address them and put return address labels on them.  I have a drawer full of return address labels.  They're the free ones that non-profits send you to try to get you to donate more.  Most of them come in my maiden name.  I always figured the address is the important part, so it doesn't matter if my last name is wrong. 

After the first of the year I was handing them out again.  When I gave a friend of ours, who's very active in the church, his letter, he asked when I'd be getting new address labels.  I explained to him my thinking on it and asked why.

Apparently every time I do this he gets a handful of questions from people asking if we're really married! 
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