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Family Adjustments

We welcomed Ruth into our family last month, and it was an adjustment for all of us!  The boys, Keith and I were certainly more prepared for it than Elinore.  It rocked her world!  She has certainly been excited to be a sister; she doesn't seem to realize she's been a sister since she was born.  It's more real now that she has a sister to her!  (Sorry boys!)

She has mothered and tried to play with Ruth from day one.  So much so that she was upset going home from meeting her the day she was born that Baby Ruth wasn't coming with her!  However, her ability to follow directions and listen to mommy and daddy quickly started to dwindle as she tested the waters with us.  She became deviant and pushed LOTS of limits, especially in the evenings. 

She's gotten over the hump of it, and she better understands the limits as we've tried to consistently enforce them, and some things we just gave up on.  Pick you battles right?  

The boys were really good when Elinore came along; they weren't too phased by it.  With Ruth, Keith and I have a difference of opinion.  Shortly after we all came home from the hospital, we both noticed the boys becoming very mouthy and demanding and rude.  I think it was part of their way of adjusting to the new sister, but Keith thinks it was just a coincidence.  Either way, it's hard to tell if they're back on track of not since we just started school back up last week after Christmas break.  Christmas and all the excitement and family and lack of routine and New Years messes with everyone, and they were not exception.  Although they did fairly well, and I was glad to have them home with us for a few weeks to spend together.  The first couple weeks home without them seemed weird!  I missed them.  I'm glad they're back in school and we're getting into a routine again though too.  Change is good. 
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