Monday, February 24, 2014

People Matter More

Dear Animal Right Activitis:

I disagree with what you do.  And I don't mean to start an argument, I just want to say one thing here.

Aside from the fact that I believe in conventional agriculture and allowing everyone to make their own choices about the food they eat.  (Please note that this statment does not say that I agree with animal abuse; there is a differece.)  That has nothing to do with why I disagree with what you're doing.

My question is, what about the human race?  You spend all this time advocating for better care of animals all the while people are being hurt, abused, mistreated and worse everyday. 

In my book, people matter more.  If we cared as much about people as we do about animals, the world would certainly be a better place.  If people know how to care and love and be compassionate, that would transition to the animals too. 

So while you're busy collecting money to protect homeless animals, we could be using that to help homeless people and families that need love and care.

People matter more.

(By the way writing this makes me feel uncomfortable, but I feel like I need to say people matter.  I know I'm not perfect, and I do things wrong all the time, but this really bothers me.)
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