Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kitchen & Dinning Room Before

We decided a great winter project would be removing wallpaper from our kitchen and dinning room.  After almost 5 years of living here with wallpaper that looks like this:

we decided we'd had enough of it!  

We started with a kitchen and dinning room looking like this:

We embarked on pulling it down over couple weeks time.  

This is what we found underneath:

This room makes me feel like I'm in a pool and should be swimming now that it's blue.

Then Keith started refinishing the drywall to prime and paint. 

Hopefully we'll have some after photos soon; however, we've found this project is connected to several others that will need to be done too, so we'll be repainting a LOT of our house over the next few months!  Keith is redoing more of the electric in the house.  (He's been working on re-wiring the house for a long time now, but he's been making a lot of progress recently on it.)  It also means a new door from the kitchen to the garage and some new curtains and more exiting things too.  I've decided that as we reassemble the house after the painting and work, it'll be spring cleaning time too.  We'll be cleaning out the toy boxes and junk drawers and more just in time for a spring garage sale! 

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