Friday, February 14, 2014

A Christmas Story Day

For an early Christmas present I gave Keith a day in Cleveland exploring all things A Christmas Story.  We started out day with a snowy drive up to the A Christmas Story House and Museum where we went on a little tour.  We'd left Elinore with Grandma for the weekend. 

After a failed lunch attempt, we drove around and ate at Tower City, saw Frosty, and a little Christmas ballet in front of the giant tree inside Tower City.  Then we walked a snowy, slippery mile to the Playhouse Square to see A Christmas Story on Stage.  It was awesome!  Well, the snowy slippery part wasn't so much.  I wore a skirt and heeled boots because we were going to the theater!  Silly me, we were getting lots of snow and it was cold.  The sidewalks weren't clear and we walked a couple miles from our parking garage to Tower City, Playhouse Square and back.  Keith tried to have us take a short cut through the casino, but duh, can't take the kids there!  Needless to say my feet were frozen!

Everyone loved the play!  It was excellent.  On the way out it was getting dark so we drove through downtown to see the lights on display. 

We finished the night in Parma with some friends at their house for pizza and after that a drive past GE's Nela Park to see the light display.

All in all, I'd say his Christmas present was a success!

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