Saturday, February 08, 2014


We survived 6 weeks of patching one of Caden's eyes to help him strengthen his other eye!

When Caden first went to the eye doctor and left with glasses, they said we may have to patch one of his eyes because one was much weaker than the other.  The glasses helped enough and by the next appointment he was good to go!  And the next annual appointment was good to go too!

Then we got a letter home from the school that he failed his exam test in one of his eyes.  So back to the eye doctor we went.  And this time, we had to patch his eye.  He wasn't happy about it, and the first day, was a Saturday we spent celebrating A Christmas Story in Cleveland.  It was a struggle for him and us!

But day two was much improved and I called his teacher and left her a long rambling message about it before he went to school on Monday.  After a week of coloring them and decorating them before school, he quit wanting to do that too.  He didn't complain and he did very well with it!  His teacher and the principal both said he was doing great.

And now, he's got new glasses and a good okay from the eye doctor again!

His reward, a trip to Amazone!
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