Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Elinore didn't nap well at all on Monday; I assumed it was from our being out and busy at the parades and her just not getting a good nap in.  I didn't think much of it.

Tuesday when Keith picked Elinore up though, the babysitter thought she was coming down with a fever. I was home when they arrived home after spending the afternoon with Caden and Caleb at their track and field day. 

I had to go to class that night and a social hour for our transitioning leadership at work, so I left her in Keith's capable hands and went off to class.  Keith said she was cranky and tired, so she had some tylenol and went to bed just after 5. 

Poor girl was still sleeping when I arrived home around 10.  She was up during the night around 1 though; she ate and went back to sleep.  Then around 3:30 she was up again and ate, but had little to not interest in going back to sleep, so we were up.  Keith stayed home with her for the day and said she was cranky, didn't eat much, but slept a lot.  He took her in to the pediatrician this afternoon. 

She is teething.  She's getting her top two teeth in. 

I feel silly sending her to the doctor for teething, but she wasn't this grumpy with her bottom two teeth and we took her in for those and she had an ear infection too.  So we were less experience parents, who weren't sure and didn't want her suffering!  So home they came.  She's sleeping now and we'll be continuing the Tylenol for her because she has a fever with it too.  (The Tylenol is really helping her out.)  Let's hope her teeth come through soon for her so we can have our happy baby back!

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