Monday, March 19, 2012

Why does it smell like dog food?

Sunday morning, the kids and I were driving home from church when one of the boys asked me why it smelled like dog food.  I had smelled it just then too and had no idea why it smelled like dog food in our mini-van.  We hadn't bought dog food recently, there was no reason for it.

We went home and on about our business not giving it another thought.

That is until a few hours later when we all got in the car to run several errands and get groceries.

We're not too far down the road, when the kids and I notice it's smelling like dog food again.

I look down at my feet in the passenger seat, and they're surrounded by dog food.

Keith immediate scolds the kids for putting dog food in the car.  Despite the both denying it.

Another mile or so down the road and my feet start getting hit with falling dog food.  It's clear more dog food has accumulated on the floorboards.

Keith immediately apologizes to the kids, and we start to pull over at a local golf course to asses the assumed rodent damage.  

We not have mouse traps set in our garage and the dog food has moved to the basement for storage.
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