Sunday, March 04, 2012

Week 22 Day 6

I haven't weighed myself since last Monday, but I'll try to remember in the morning.  

I'm a day early for my week 23 post since I'll be doing some traveling for work this week, i wasn't going to be home to have Keith take a photo.

I've felt baby more and more moving around in there this last week.  Especially when I'm sitting on my desk at work.  

Keith painted the nursery this weekend.  Generally I would be excited about this, but we're not happy with the way it turned out.  We're going for a gray color and our gray, specifically called "silverpoint" turned out fairly blue.  (It's in the background of the photo above.)  Which I am so not happy about.  But at the same time, do we spend another $50 for another gallon of paint to try again or do we just go with it?  Keith says we go with it, mainly because he doesn't want to paint again, but he's going to have to do a lot of touching up if we leave it this way because he didn't get an even coat on the walls.  

In more exciting news, we bought a crib!  It's still in the box in the garage.  It'll stay there until we decide what to do with the paint, but this is officially our first purchase for baby now!

I bought some new clothes this weekend too.  It's slowly getting harder to dress in the mornings before work.  So I decided it was close enough to spring to gear my shopping toward spring clothing.  Plus I'm still wearing a lot of my regular clothes, mostly dresses though.  My pant options are quickly limiting themselves!

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