Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November Thankfulness

For the month of November, I was thinking about making a list throughout the month.  I hadn't mustered up the motivation to put it down on paper screen.  Then I read this post from Melissa, and here I am. 

So, because it is unrealistic for me to remember to write a post every day about what I'm thankful for the whole month.  My goal is to write them semi-regularly with a few items in each post.

Day 1:
I spent the first day of November as a vacation day.  Keith and I both took two days off over the course of the month.  We picked separate days, and each of the days will be spent with one of the boys.  That's right, one will stay in day care while we have solo time with the other.

Yesterday was Caleb day for me. 

I'm thankful for Caleb time, and the ability to take time off to spend one-on-one with my kids. 

We started out our day dropping Caden off at school and saying hi to his friends and teachers at his request.  Then we headed into Medina for Main Street Cupcakes!  My champagne and berries cupcake was amazing.  We spent the rest of the morning at the library before heading to lunch at a local drive-in, where our car battery died and my mom had to come rescue us with jumper cables.  After that excitement, we spent the afternoon at home in the basement watching movies and cartoons. 

Day 2:
Today I'm thankful for a job that is flexible enough to allow me to work from home on days when we have sick kids.  The kids both have awful colds, and Caden had a fever last night, so we kept them both home today for some extra rest to kick this cold to the curb.  I'm thankful my job is flexible enough to allow me the freedom to be here for my kids when they need me without loosing precious vacation time!

I'll be back soon with more thankfulness!
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