Sunday, August 14, 2011


The boys have this new friends at school recently, and they have been asking incessantly for him to come play. After weeks of asking they brought home his mom's phone number for me.

Friday, I got the courage to call her.  I've never done this sort of thing before.  They've always played with friends at day care, but never wanted to bring anyone over before.  So I bit the bullet and called.  Fortunately she was just as anxious about it as I was, she'd never been in the situation before either with her son.  I'm feeling better already!

She said he son has been asking the same questions, and when she picks her son up from the day care, my boys have been asking her to come over and play and such.  She said they had told her all about their pumpkins growing in the yard and their swing set and toys.  They are so excited about this!

So we set a play date for next weekend.

After I wrap up the phone call, I go to tell the boys they have a play date next weekend with their friend.  Caden starts telling me all the things he's told his friend and his mom, except that when he describes our house to his friends, it goes more like "our house is the one with the weeds laying in the front yard!"

I thought parents were supposed to embarrass their children, not the other way around!
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