Thursday, August 11, 2011


We spent our evening at a county fair about an hour from where we live. 

Before we left, we made sure to get our special ice cream treat and support the dairy industry!

Caden had a milkshake; Caleb had a dish of ice cream.

Caleb shared his dish of ice cream with me; mainly because he needed help with the plastic spoon and hard dip ice cream and I took a few bites as payment for assisting. 

As I' tucked Caden into bed tonight, he says "Mommy, I was almost going to share my milkshake with you. *pause* But then I kept it in the backseat with me."

Oh wow, that was almost so thoughtful of you.  But it makes me smile anyway. 

We sure are an ice cream loving family. 

I was raised in the dairy industry, and I've never felt guilty for eating ice cream and supporting the dairy farmers!  If I'm eating it for a good cause, that at least cuts the calories in half, right?
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