Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Time We Wasted $60

Hubby and I took the Tuesday and Wednesday after the 4th of July off to an extra long weekend with the plan to go camping for the long weekend.  Well, we never got around to making a plan for it, so the week before, we were lazily looking for a place to camp.  At first I was concerned we'd have trouble finding a site due to the holiday weekend, until I remembered there are usually very few primitive campers like us out there. 

We'd also decided that we weren't prepared to go for the whole 5 days, so we made plans with my BIL and his wife to spend the day Saturday in Ohio's Amish Country while the boys spent the night with my mom.  We dropped them off on Friday night so we could get up early to meet them.  We had such a great day togeter, that after we parted way to go pick up the kids, Keith and I decided to extend our weekend until Sunday morning.  Mom agreed to keep the kids another night and Keith took me to a late dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse.  It was delicious, and oh so wonderful to get some alone time with my hubby.

Sunday morning we decided to embark on our camping trip.  We pakced everything up rather quickly, picked up the kids and headed out.  We made no reservations, found a place that offered lots of fishing and through we'd give it a try.  We arrived, and I started to get a sinking feeling in my stomach.  I told hubby it was up to him, we could always go somewhere else.  But he registered us for a camp site and into the park we went.

The welcoming site was a mobile home parked in the campground, holding a garage sale, with a fence around the site/yard made of baby gates.  What were we thinking?  We kept driving, hoping that perhaps the primitive area was more secluded and we wouldn't have our own little space.  Little did we know we'd be finding several more garage/yard/campsite sales along the path.  We pass the shower house, and I found out later, my husband and I both immediately though, well I guess we won't be showering on this camping trip!  Onward we trudged to the primitive camping area.  In our previous camping trip we rarely are sharing with too many other primitive campers.  That was not quite the case at this place.  As we scouted out what we though might be out tent site, we saw several other campers and laundry lines and beer cans and smokers and general shenanigans that did not seem to appropriate for our kiddos. 

This campground advertising 5 fishing lakes, a few of which we passed on out drive through the park.  I wondered how we were going to fish if our line couldn't get though the layers of green algae covering the water nearly everywhere.

We turned around, drove out, and never looked back.

Stay tuned for more of our camping adventures later this week!
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